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Wall and ceiling lamps

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Designer wall and ceiling lamps


Give your home a touch of elegance and brightness with the exclusive collection of wall and ceiling lamps selected by Ciat Design. Choosing the perfect lighting is essential to creating the desired atmosphere in every room, and with our modern wall and ceiling lamps you can transform your living space into an oasis of style and beauty, where every detail helps to define the aesthetics and the environment of your home. Take advantage of the proposals of the best brands in the sector, such as Flos, Artemide and Cattelain Italia, and immerse yourself in a safe and satisfying shopping experience on our site.


Why buy a wall or ceiling lamp


Explore our full range of uniquely designed wall lamps, where modern LED creations blend with the timeless charm of vintage lamps, giving you a wide choice for every style and preference. Each lamp has been carefully selected for its ability to add a distinctive and refined touch to your space, transforming the walls of your home into bright and eye-catching works of art.


Wall arm lamps are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, offering you the flexibility necessary to illuminate specific areas of your environment with style and refinement. With their ability to be oriented and adjusted to your needs, these lamps add a touch of practicality and elegance to any room. Whether it's creating soft light for a relaxing evening or focusing the light beam on a work of art, wall arm lamps give you the versatility you need to create the perfect atmosphere. If you are looking for solutions for outdoor spaces, our outdoor wall lamps combine contemporary style with weather resistance, guaranteeing you a welcoming and inviting atmosphere even outdoors. Made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the elements, these lamps combine functionality and beauty to offer you reliable, beautifully designed outdoor lighting.


With our curated selection of wall and ceiling lamps, you can transform every room in your home into a bright and welcoming place, where elegance is always at home. Let yourself be inspired by our collection and add a touch of style and sophistication to your everyday life.