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Moooi offers an eclectic and multifaceted philosophy with its unusual and sophisticated design. Led by the creative talent of Marcel Wanders, the Dutch brand offers a vast range of lamps, armchairs, sofas and tables that capture the imagination with their charm. The Heracleum and Dear Ingo pendant lamps are just some examples of the refinement and originality that distinguish Moooi's creations. With the BFF modular sofa and the Space table lamp, the company continues to amaze with innovative solutions that prove to be true works of art. The name "Moooi", which means "beautiful" in Dutch, symbolizes the constant search for uniqueness and sophistication, continuing to conquer design lovers with products that combine playfulness, versatility and refinement, making every environment unique and extraordinary.

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The story of Moooi


With the promise of creating a legendary brand, Moooi was born way back in 2001 thanks to the vision and genius of by the two illustrious designers Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. Since then, Moooi's signature has been sets itself as a beacon in the interior design panorama, illuminating the most open spaces. exclusive with its refined aesthetics and innovative spirit. Over the past twenty years, Moooi has continued to enchant and seduce the world with its extraordinary and timeless creations, confirming its position as a leader in the sector. The Ciat Design catalog offers an excellent selection of the best creations by Moooi, tangible evidence of the indelible impact that this brand has had in the field of luxury home decor.


The charm of Moooi designs


Moooi products embody the very essence of luxury and timeless elegance. Their collection, never boring, is a tribute to creativity and innovation, with a well-curated mix of lighting elements, furniture and accessories. Each piece is imbued with a unique magic, capable of transforming even the most challenging environments. ordinary in scenarios of pure wonder. Moooi's distinctive design is characterized by clean lines, bold shapes and precious materials, which blend harmoniously to create functional and fascinating works of art. Among the iconic models that have made the history of the brand, works such as the "Raimond" lamp by Raimond Puts and the "Love Sofa" sofa by Marcel stand out Wanders, undisputed symbols of elegance and timeless style.


The Moooi brand: an unparalleled experience


Entering the world of Moooi means immersing yourself in an unparalleled sensorial experience, where every detail is curated with the utmost attention and each creation tells a unique story. By collaborating with some of the world's renowned designers, Moooi continues to push the boundaries of traditional design, constantly reinventing itself and redefining the standards of beauty and originality. Each piece signed by Moooi is more of a simple furnishing object; is a work of art that transforms the spaces in which it is placed into places of extraordinary beauty and refinement. With its extra "O", Moooi stands out in the interior design panorama, always promising something more in terms of beauty, uniqueness and innovation. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of Moooi and discover how to transform your spaces into scenarios of pure wonder.