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&Tradition is committed to keeping the values of Scandinavian design culture alive, maintaining a balance between past and future, between history and innovation. By collaborating with some of the most talented contemporary designers, &Tradition continues to produce unique, high-quality pieces that stand out for their timeless beauty and functionality.


&Tradition products are appreciated throughout the world for their elegance and refinement, and are often chosen to embellish the interiors of homes, offices and public spaces. With a wide range of furniture, lamps and accessories, the company offers design solutions for all tastes and needs, always guaranteeing the highest quality and attention to detail.


In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, &Tradition stands out for its ability to create unique pieces, which convey a sense of warmth and familiarity, while maintaining a contemporary and sophisticated style. Thanks to its consolidated reputation in the design sector, the company continues to conquer new markets and retain an increasingly large and passionate clientele.

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&Tradition: the elegance of contemporary design


&Tradition is an international design brand that embodies elegance and innovation in the world of furniture and interior design. Founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, this brand stands out for its ability to to combine contemporary shapes with precious materials, creating unique pieces that integrate harmoniously into any environment. &Tradition's philosophy is based on the idea of reinventing and reinterpreting the past through a modern perspective, resulting in timeless creations that exude class and sophistication.


Iconic designs and prestigious collaborations


Over the years, &Tradition has consolidated its reputation thanks to a series of iconic models that have captivated design enthusiasts around the world. Among the most the "In Between" chair by Sami Kallio stands out, a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. In addition to its in-house designs, &Tradition has collaborated with some of the world's leading designers. internationally renowned, including Jaime Hayon, Space Copenhagen and Norm Architects, who have contributed to enriching the brand's catalog with functional works of art with timeless charm.


A story of innovation and tradition


The history of &Tradition is a story of innovation and tradition that intertwine harmoniously, giving life to a brand that stands out for its authenticity and its ability to anticipate trends. Since its foundation, the brand has been able to capture the attention of design lovers thanks to its constant search for high quality materials; and his attention to detail. Collaboration with world-famous designers has allowed &Tradition to maintain a prominent position in the panorama of contemporary design, offering a vast range of products that combine aesthetics and ergonomics impeccably. With an eye towards the future and a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship, &Tradition continues to amaze and inspire design enthusiasts around the world, confirming itself as one of the most influential in the luxury furniture sector.