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The MOGG brand stands out for its fresh, curious and surprising identity, looking for interlocutors capable of appreciating the new concept of living. With pieces with a clean and recognizable design, MOGG combines aesthetic emotion and functionality, characterizing modern, designer or more classic spaces with intensity and originality.

The collection ranges from padded poufs to metal tables, from wooden containers to solid cedar pieces, offering democratic products that meet the tastes and needs of a heterogeneous clientele. The exclusivity of MOGG does not lie in the cost, but in the originality, refinement and awareness of a unique purchase that is different from any other product on the market. A brand that stands out from the pack, offering a modern and surprising design, capable of leaving an indelible mark.

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The story of Mogg


Mogg, an acronym for MOBILI OGGETTI, represents excellence in the panorama of contemporary furnishings. Founded by the tireless visionary Nicola Galbiati, the brand has masterfully combined craftsmanship Italian with a bold and innovative aesthetic. Since its birth, Mogg has been distinguished for its mission: to redefine the concept of living through furniture and objects with a unique design, capable of inspiring emotions and transforming spaces into scenarios of refined beauty. This constant commitment to excellence has led Mogg to be one of the most successful companies coveted internationally, winning the hearts of a sophisticated and detail-oriented clientele.


Mogg's DNA


At the center of the company's identity by Mogg there is the continuous search for innovation, combined with a profound respect for Italian artisan traditions. Each Mogg piece is the result of a skilful fusion of creativity, technique and high quality materials. The company proudly espouses an effective philosophy, characterized by the combination of sinuous lines and formal lightness capable of standing out for its versatility; and for the strong visual impact. Collaboration with talented designers such as Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba and Uto Balmoral has given rise to iconic pieces, which embody timeless elegance and functionality. intelligent features of the brand.


The timeless elegance of Mogg


Each Mogg product is a style statement, destined to become the undisputed protagonist of any environment. Attention to detail is palpable in every creation, conveying a sensation of discreet and sophisticated luxury. With one eye on the future and one on the past, Mogg continues to surprise and inspire, confirming itself as a point of reference for design lovers avant-garde and the art of living.