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Foscarini is not just a brand: it is a dream that takes shape. A pulsating laboratory of creativity and technology where, in collaboration with internationally renowned designers, not only lamps are born, but real luminous emotions.


A free and passionate company, free from predefined patterns, immerses itself in the contemporary world to draw inspiration and give life to innovative and out of the ordinary products. The passion for design and the constant search for excellence are the cornerstones of the Foscarini philosophy.


Each Foscarini lamp is the result of an accurate creative process, which starts from an idea and develops through the use of cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality materials. The result? Unique and unmistakable objects, capable of furnishing any environment with style and personality.


Foscarini lamps are not simple light sources, but true works of art that interact with space and create evocative atmospheres. A touch of originality and class to brighten your life with style.

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The story of Foscarini


The Italian brand Foscarini embodies timeless elegance and innovation in the world of design lighting. Founded in 1981 on the island of Murano, Venetian par excellence, Foscarini has deep roots in the rich heritage of glass art. His story is a fusion of artisan tradition and contemporary vision, a combination that has given life to a distinctive and globally recognized brand. Over the years, Foscarini has been able to conquer the design panorama with iconic products and collaborations with the most renowned international designers. The Ciat Design catalog offers a fascinating selection of the best lamps and creations by Foscarini, offering its customers a journey through aesthetics and luminous innovation.


The essence of Foscarini design


The essence of Foscarini design lies in its ability to to combine functionality with a surprising aesthetic. Each lamp is a symphony of shapes, colors and materials, designed to illuminate spaces with style and refinement. Among the iconic models, Twiggy stands out, designed by Marc Sadler, an elegant floor lamp that defies gravity. with its thin and flexible structure. At the same time, the Caboche collection of pendant lights, created by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, seduces with its brightness. and its visual appeal, thanks to the polymethylmethacrylate spheres which diffuse a warm and enveloping light. Foscarini lamps are true luminous works of art, capable of transforming any environment into a space of refined design.


Collaborations and innovations


Collaborations with the most great names in contemporary design are a fundamental pillar of Foscarini's philosophy. From Italian masters such as Ferruccio Laviani and Carlo Urbinati, to international architects and designers such as Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola , every collaboration brings a wind of freshness and creativity to the brand. Technological innovations blend harmoniously with sophisticated aesthetics, creating lamps that not only illuminate spaces, but transform them into evocative and welcoming scenarios. Foscarini is not just a lighting brand, but a true symbol of style and prestige in the world of interior design. Discover the most beautiful creations exclusive by Foscarini in the Ciat Design catalogue, and let yourself be conquered by the luminous art of one of the most popular brands prestigious in the world.