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Davide Groppi

Since the end of the 80's, starting from a very small laboratory in the historic center of Piacenza, Davide Groppi has been inventing and producing lamps with the brand of the same name. His creations are characterized by an essential and clean design, which favors the purity of the shapes and the refinement of the materials. Light thus becomes the protagonist, emphasized and enhanced in every detail.

Davide Groppi's lamps are not just illuminating objects, but true works of art that create suggestive and engaging atmospheres. Each of his products is designed to excite, to convey sensations and to arouse wonder.

Thanks to his constant search for essentiality and beauty, Davide Groppi has become a point of reference in the world of lighting, winning international awards and recognition.

His lamps are present in public and private spaces, in residences, hotels, restaurants and art galleries, giving magic and poetry wherever they go.

Davide Groppi continues to amaze and surprise with his creations, demonstrating that light can be much more than a simple illuminating element: it can be a unique experience, an emotion that involves heart and soul.

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The story of Davide Groppi: a timeless enlightenment


Since the 1980s, in the heart of the evocative historic center of Piacenza, an enlightened idea was born: Davide Groppi. A vision that turns into reality, giving life to lamps that are not just sources of light, but true works of art. Groppi is not just a designer, he is a master craftsman who shapes light with mastery and passion. His story is intertwined with the incessant search for unique sensations through light, a search that has conquered the souls of admirers and design experts all over the world.


The philosophy of light: simplicity and emotion


The main creator of original projects, Davide Groppi embodies the essence of simplicity, invention and emotion . Each lamp is the result of an intuition, of an inspiration that takes shape to convey unique emotions. The light is not only function, but it becomes poetry, a wonderful opportunity to seduce and excite. In every Groppi creation you can breathe a magical atmosphere, capable of transforming spaces and capturing the essence of those who live there.


Collaborations and recognitions: a world of light and prestige


Davide Groppi does not walk alone on his luminous journey. He surrounds himself with trusted collaborators with whom he gives life to extraordinary projects. His signature stands out alongside great names in design, such as De Padova, Boffi, Paola Lenti and Christofle. His talent is reflected even in the most difficult places. exclusive in the world: the restaurants of starred chefs who have chosen Groppi's light to illuminate their culinary works. Illustrious names such as Albert Adrià, Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco and others have entrusted the Davide Groppi brand with the task of creating the perfect atmosphere for their spaces. His work is been more often celebrated and awarded, a confirmation of the extraordinary impact he has had in the world of lighting and contemporary design. By exploring the Ciat Design catalogue, you can discover the iconic creations and the latest innovations; signed Davide Groppi, witnesses of a timeless art that continues to amaze and enchant.