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Zanotta is one of the most important Italian design brands. Founded in 1954 in Milan by Aurelio Zanotta, the company has always been standing out for its philosophy focused on innovation and technological research. 'To produce profit and culture', quoting Zanotta's words, is a motto that let the Italian company to stand out in the '60s, accompanying the ongoing design work to a careful search of the cultural and social changes, which influenced the development of the cultures of living.

Within the Zanotta's collection we can still find pieces of design that have made history, actually exhibited in several museums, that let the company win different international prizes and awards.

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History and philosophy


The Zanotta brand embodies timeless elegance and innovation in the world of interior design. Founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta, the company has deep roots in the Italian artisan tradition, but is was able to look to the future, embracing new trends and collaborating with the most great contemporary designers. Zanotta's philosophy is that of creating unique pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics, bringing a touch of refinement and style to every environment. The brand stands out for its attention to detail and for the continuous research into innovative materials and technologies, which guarantee the quality and the durability of its products over time.


Zanotta's mission


Zanotta's mission is that of creating furnishings that are not just objects of everyday use, but true works of art that transform spaces into welcoming and evocative environments. Each Zanotta piece is the result of a rigorous and meticulous creative process, where every detail is cared for with obsessive attention. The company is committed to maintaining the high quality standards that have made it famous over time, using only quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. The passion for design and attention to the needs of its customers are the basis of every creation, guaranteeing a unique and satisfying shopping experience for all those who choose Zanotta to furnish their spaces.


Continuous innovation and prestige


For over half a century, Zanotta has continued to be synonymous with innovation and prestige in the world of furniture. The brand constantly strives to stay on the cutting edge, collaborating with world-renowned designers to create unique and surprising pieces. Thanks to its long history of success and its constant pursuit of perfection, Zanotta remains a reference choice for those looking for high-quality furniture. that combine aesthetics and functionality in a perfect balance. With its ability to adapt to the changing needs of the times and anticipate future trends, Zanotta continues to be an icon of contemporary design, bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to every home.