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Muuto is a brand that embodies the essence of Scandinavian design, fusing tradition and innovation to create unique and distinctive pieces. Their philosophy is based on lasting aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship, with a focus on sincerity of creative expression. Through the use of high-quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and bold creative thinking, Muuto stands out for offering the public new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Muuto's catalog includes a wide range of furniture, lighting and accessories for the home, always evolving to offer exclusive innovations that stand out for their unique and contemporary style. With Muuto, it is possible to transform your spaces into sophisticated and welcoming environments, perfect for those looking for quality and trendy design.

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Rooted in Scandinavian design tradition


The Muuto brand stands out in the interior design panorama for its deep rooting in the Scandinavian design tradition. With a history that is intertwined with clean lines, natural materials and functionality timeless features typical of this style, Muuto carries forward an aesthetic that celebrates simplicity and elegance. The word "Muuto" itself is an ode to the new perspective: derived from the Finnish "Muutos", the brand aims to offer a contemporary and innovative vision on the rich heritage of of Nordic design. The careful selection of contemporary designers, seen as interpreters of the brand's philosophy, gives a distinctive and fresh character to their creations, which continue to evolve without losing sight of their roots.


Aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship


In each Muuto piece, aesthetics combines harmoniously with functionality. and craftsmanship. Each element is carefully thought out to blend the beauty of design with practicality without compromises, making each object not only a tool for experiencing the space, but also a work of art in itself. Among the iconic models that have defined the identity of by Muuto, the "E27" chandelier by Mattias Ståhlbom stands out, with its simplicity audacious, and the "Nerd" chair, which revisits classic shapes in a modern key. But the real distinctive feature of the brand is; its ability to collaborate with some of the most famous designers talents of the moment, like Anderssen & Voll, Cecilie Manz and TAF Architects, who bring a fresh reinterpretation of traditional Scandinavian canons through their unique and refined projects.


The story of Muuto


Muuto's story is a story of innovation and vision. Founded in 2006 in Denmark, the brand quickly conquered the design world with its bold and contemporary proposition. Muuto has been able to maintain its commitment to quality and authenticity, becoming a point of reference for design furniture lovers around the world. With a growing presence in the main events and trade fairs in the sector, Muuto has demonstrated an ability to extraordinary ability to evolve without losing its identity, continuing to surprise and inspire with each new collection. The brand has been able to earn a prominent place on the international scene, becoming synonymous with innovation, style and quality; in the world of interior design.