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Lema's story is the narration of a Made in Italy that expertly mixes innovation and tradition, transforming quality and customization into its strong points. The company's power lies in its extraordinary manufacturing ability which over time has combined the principles of traditional craftsmanship with the most cutting-edge technologies. Great attention is paid to every phase of the process, from design to the final product, thanks to the care for excellence and close collaboration with the designers.


Among the secrets of Lema's success are certainly the passion and commitment that the Meroni family passes down from generation to generation. First with Carla and Luigi, today with their descendants: in addition to being an industrial reality, Lema is a family company guided by a cohesive entrepreneurial vision, whose foundations are respect and professional ethics. Lema's managerial team, in harmony with the philosophy of the Meroni family, faces the challenges of the global market with careful valorisation of the skills and experiences acquired over time, constantly enriching them with new professional skills and continuous training of its talents.

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The history of Lema: a journey into the excellence of Italian design


For over 80 years, Lema has embodied the very essence of elegance and innovation in the panorama of Italian design. Founded in 1932 by Angelo Meroni, the company has gone through decades of evolution, always maintaining its original vision: combining tradition and modernity. to create timeless furnishings. The Lema brand is become synonymous with sophisticated style, thanks to the constant search for fine materials and attention to detail. His path to success is was marked by prestigious collaborations with talented Italian and international designers, who contributed to shaping the distinctive DNA of the brand.


The essence of Lema design: fusion of refined shapes and functionality without compromise


Lema's creations embody Italian artisan excellence, combined with a contemporary and cutting-edge vision. From the famous modular systems such as Selecta wardrobe by Piero Lissoni, which has redefined the concept of customization in furnishings, to the sophisticated Yard modular sofa by Francesco Rota, each piece brings with it ; an aura of refinement and practicality. Lema furniture is designed to harmoniously adapt to any space, offering versatile and classy solutions. The Ciat Design catalog offers a wide selection of the best Lema creations, where it is possible to discover the timeless charm of its iconic pieces of furniture.


The future of design: Lema and continuous innovation


Looking to the future, Lema is committed to maintaining its status as a pioneer in the world of design. Through constant research into new materials and cutting-edge technologies, the brand continues to amaze with creations that combine aesthetics and functionality. impeccably. In the era of digital evolution, Lema also stands out for its attention to sustainable design, with projects that respect the environment and promote a conscious lifestyle. With its rich heritage of innovation and creativity, Lema confirms itself as a point of reference for lovers of high-level design, ready to transform every environment into a space of refined beauty and timeless comfort.