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Initially specialized in the production of sofas and armchairs, Excò has expanded its product range with the introduction of beds, furnishing accessories and home accessories. Thanks to the continuous search for high quality materials and innovative design, the company has been able to stand out on the national and international market.


In recent years, Excò has increasingly focused on technological innovation and attention to the environment, designing eco-sustainable products and using green production processes. Thanks to these choices, the company has obtained numerous awards and certifications in the sector.


Today, Excò continues to grow and evolve, maintaining its philosophy of enhancing Italian craftsmanship and offering high quality and design products. With an eye always attentive to new trends and customer needs, the company is preparing to face future challenges with determination, confirming itself as a point of reference in the panorama of Made in Italy furniture.

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An excellence in design: Excò


Excò represents an essential chapter in the history of Italian furniture. Founded at the end of the last century, the brand has roots firmly planted in the Veneto, with commercial and administrative headquarters in the province of Rovigo, and industrial branches concentrated in the beating heart of Romagna, precisely in the province of Forlì. This dual geographical essence, which blends Venetian elegance with liveliness Romagna, permeates the very soul of Excò, giving it an identity unique and refined.


Iconic masterpieces of design and technology


Over the years, Excò has demonstrated an extraordinary ability of listening and interpreting the needs of its audience. With an eye always attentive to the sophisticated taste of its customers, the brand has been able to masterfully combine high-level design with an accessible quality-price ratio.


This delicate balance is has become a distinctive signature of Excò, making it a point of reference for those seeking uncompromising elegance in their interior design. In this sense, furnishings such as the sofa evolve, becoming versatile in both function and comfort, as the relaxation mechanisms allow personalized use.


The integration of a sound system into Excò beds and sofas it represents not only a real technological revolution in the way of approaching the topic of comfort understood in its most important sense; deep, but allows, through Bluetooth technology, to connect your smartphone and listen to music, as well as to encourage and make the relaxation experience memorable with every use.


A story of innovation


Excò stands out not only for its ability to adapt to changing design trends, but also for its constant search for innovative solutions that satisfy the practical and aesthetic needs of its customers. With a range of products ranging from timeless classic lines to bold and contemporary creations, Excò offers a complete and fulfilling furnishing experience for anyone who wants to transform their home into a space of beauty and comfort.