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Amini is a prestigious Italian brand born in 1962 from the brilliant idea of Sultan Amini. Its strong stylistic identity translates into carpets of timeless beauty, which combine tradition and innovation in a perfect balance. Amini carpets are a concentration of charm, purity of material and decorative character, capable of completing modern design environments with style and elegance. Each collection reflects the passion and creativity of the great names in design who have inspired the products of this lively industrial reality. With Amini, art and textile tradition come together in unique, high quality creations, to satisfy even the most demanding tastes of the most refined customers.

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A story of style and tradition


Amini: a name that evokes stories of style, intertwined with threads of passion and tradition. Since its debut way back in 1962, the year it was founded by Sultan Amini, the brand has been able to gain a place of honor in the world of furniture, offering carpets of unparalleled beauty and quality. The Amini brand is has become a point of reference for those looking not just for a simple carpet, but for a piece of art that tells a story, conveys emotions and gives personality to the environments in which it is placed. This brand embodies the essence of tradition, but also knows how to embrace innovation, thus creating timeless products that integrate perfectly into any context.


The excellence of craftsmanship


Each Amini carpet is the fruit of an idea, of a dream that takes shape thanks to the excellent know-how of the team of designers and craftsmen. The skilful combination of tradition and innovation allows us to create unique carpets, capable of telling stories of style and giving emotions. Amini rugs are made with fine materials and follow artisanal processes that guarantee the highest quality. and durability over time. This commitment to artisanal excellence is this which distinguishes Amini from other brands, giving its products an aura of authenticity and prestige.


A wide range of elegance


Amini offers a wide range of carpets, perfect to satisfy every taste and need. From classic Persian creations to modern contemporary designs, from soft hues to bright colors, each Amini rug is a work of art capable of embellishing any environment. Among the iconic models, the creations signed by renowned designers who have collaborated with the brand over time, leaving an indelible mark on the furniture scene, stand out. Choosing an Amini carpet means choosing to furnish your home with style and personality. Not just a piece of furniture, but a real story of oneself, a way to express one's individuality; and give life to unique and evocative atmospheres.