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Trimm Copenhagen

Trimm Copenhagen innovates the way we interact and spend time together outdoors. It is a design brand based in Denmark that produces furniture and accessories for outdoor living, with very high standards in terms of quality, comfort, ease of transport, weight and modernity of the design.


The brand aims to redesign the way we enjoy outdoor spaces, making them more comfortable, functional and beautiful to live in. Trimm Copenhagen offers innovative and creative solutions for furnishing gardens, terraces, parks or beaches, allowing you to create welcoming and trendy environments, perfect for relaxing and socializing in the open air.


Thanks to their attention to design, functionality and quality of materials, Trimm Copenhagen stands out in the outdoor design panorama, offering unique and original solutions for those who love living outdoors with style and comfort.

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An elegant oasis of relaxation: the essence of Trimm Copenhagen


Welcome to the universe of Trimm Copenhagen, where the art of hospitality and luxury meet contemporary design. Imagine yourself surrounded by welcoming and sophisticated spaces, where every detail is cared for with the utmost attention to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation and comfort. Trimm Copenhagen stands out for its philosophy of creating not just furnishing accessories, but real meeting places, designed for breaks in everyday life. His creations embody timeless elegance and functionality, inviting people to share moments of pleasant conviviality, both indoors and out.


The story of Trimm Copenhagen


Trimm has deep roots in the world of Nordic design. Its history is rooted in a passion for quality craftsmanship. and a timeless aesthetic. For decades, the brand has stood out for its collaboration with renowned, world-renowned designers, whose names resonate across the design landscape as icons of style and innovation. Among his greatest creations famous ones include sofas with an iconic design, poufs with originality; surprising outdoor sets that combine comfort and weather resistance in an unparalleled way. In the vast Ciat Design catalogue, you can immerse yourself in the eclectic collection of Trimm Copenhagen, discovering the best creations and being inspired by its unique vision of contemporary design.


Trimm Copenhagen: the art of living in style


Trimm Copenhagen does not just create furniture, but is committed to offering authentic living experiences. Its outdoor sets transform outdoor spaces into real corners of paradise, where you can relax. immerse yourself in the surrounding nature without sacrificing comfort and style. Inside, its sofas and poufs welcome you with embraces of softness, inviting you to relax and share. Each piece is the result of an incessant search for high quality materials; and a design that combines form and function impeccably. With Trimm Copenhagen, every environment becomes a work of art to be fully experienced, offering moments of pure pleasure and well-being.