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Rimadesio, present in the exclusive Ciat Design e-commerce, stands out as one of the most elegant and refined brands of Made in Italy design, acting as an international ambassador of an aesthetic language that embraces simple and eco-sustainable elements to create complex and sophisticated.

Since its foundation way back in 1956, Rimadesio has constantly favored the use of eco-sustainable materials, with particular attention to aluminum and glass. Glass, in particular, has become the material of choice which has indelibly defined the company's growth path.

Over time, Rimadesio's stylistic logo has developed its own distinctive form, characterizing the company's design with traits that mediate between rationalism and naturalness. The goal is to create objects that integrate harmoniously into environments without altering their spirit, but rather enriching them with refined details.

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The refined and sustainable design of Rimadesio


Since its inception way back in 1956, Rimadesio has embraced an approach to design that combines elegance with sustainability, distinguishing itself as one of the most successful brands prestigious in the panorama of made in Italy design. Its presence in the exclusive Ciat Design e-commerce is a further recognition of its excellence in the sector, offering lovers of luxury and high-level design the opportunity to immerse yourself in a universe of sophisticated and impeccable creations. Through the skilful use of eco-sustainable materials, Rimadesio presents itself as an international ambassador of an aesthetic language that stands out for its timeless elegance and its attention to respect for the environment.


The fusion between form and function


Central to Rimadesio's philosophy is attention to the harmonious fusion between form and function. Precious materials such as aluminum and glass are worked with craftsmanship to give life to furnishing solutions that embody the excellence of Italian design. Glass, in particular, plays a leading role in the company's creations, becoming the symbol of a refined and contemporary aesthetic. The Ciat Design catalog offers a selection of Rimadesio's best proposals, from elegant bookcases to sophisticated sideboards, allowing customers to transform their environments with style and personality.


An icon of contemporary design


Over the years, Rimadesio has been able to gain a prominent place in the world design scene, thanks also to its collaboration with internationally renowned designers. The company's iconic creations, such as the Zenit bookcase system or the Cover modular furniture series, have become points of reference for lovers of high-level interior design . With an aesthetic that expertly balances rationalism and naturalness, Rimadesio aims to enrich environments with refined details that enhance their beauty without compromising their functionality. Thanks to its presence on Ciat Design, the brand offers privileged access to its creations, allowing anyone to bring home a piece of contemporary design history.