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The beauty of LAGO design is based on its essentiality, characterized by clarity of lines and language, modularity and architectural imitation, emanating a natural ability to interact with different styles and environments.


A decisive design, conceived to resist over time and which focuses on ecology and research into materials. Each LAGO object is the result of in-depth studies and studies aimed at creating refined, resistant and high-quality products. In addition to the work of the machines, laborious human work is added, which ensures further precision in details and which combines the reliability of industrial processes with a passion for craftsmanship.

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The refined design of Lago


For over thirty years, the Italian brand Lago has embodied timeless elegance in the world of interior design and home decor. Conceived with meticulous attention to detail and a bold vision, Lago furniture transforms living spaces into scenarios of beauty and functionality. Each piece brings with it a unique soul, reflecting the union between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. Lago products are not simply furniture, but functional works of art that convey a distinctive and sophisticated sense of style.


Iconic models and prestigious collaborations


Among the iconic models of the Lago brand, the Fluttua bed stands out, suspended like an island of tranquility, and the Air system, a collection of modular furniture that challenges the limits of conventionality. These and other revolutionary designs are the result of collaboration with renowned international designers, including the visionary Philippe Starck and the talented Daniele Lago. Partnerships with these creative minds have helped shape the identity of the company. distinctiveness of the brand, carrying on a tradition of excellence in contemporary design. Each Lago piece is the result of a continuous search for the balance between aesthetics and functionality, embodying the brand's philosophy of creating furnishings that are more of simple objects, but true protagonists of living spaces.


A story of innovation and passion for design


Founded in the heart of Northern Italy, Lago has deep roots in the Italian artisan tradition. Since its foundation, the brand has become committed to transforming domestic interiors into environments that reflect the personality of the individual. and the style of those who live there. Driven by a never-ending passion for innovation, Lago designers have consistently challenged the boundaries of conventional design, reinventing the rules of modern furniture. Through the skilful use of high quality materials and a sustainable approach to manufacturing, Lago continues to set industry standards, offering timeless design solutions for a demanding and sophisticated clientele. The history of the brand is a testament to his commitment to excellence, a journey imbued with creativity, passion and a deep love for innovative design.