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Bontempi Letti Design

The Bontempi Letti Design brand stands out for the quality of the materials used, the attention to detail and the attention to contemporary design, offering innovative and original solutions to furnish the sleeping area with style and personality.


Bontempi Letti Design beds are made with quality materials and cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing resistance, durability and comfort for a regenerating rest. Every detail is taken care of with extreme precision, from the stitching of the fabrics to the finishes of the bed surfaces, to offer products that combine aesthetics and functionality.

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Bontempi Letti Design: timeless elegance in the sleeping area


Bontempi Letti Design embodies the essence of timeless elegance in the sleeping area, masterfully blending functionality and style. with impeccable design. The division of the renowned Ancona house stands out for its dedication to creating beds that not only embrace contemporary style, but which remain faithful to the historical strengths of the brand. Each piece is conceived with artisanal care, ensuring an unparalleled sleeping experience. The fine materials and impeccable finishes convey a sense of discreet luxury, perfect for those who appreciate refined aesthetics and quality. without compromises.


The art of rest: iconic models and prestigious collaborations


Among the iconic models of Bontempi Letti Design, the refined "Diamante" stands out, a design masterpiece that combines clean lines with luxurious details, creating an atmosphere of regal comfort in the bedroom. Masters in the art of rest, the brand has collaborated over the years with renowned international designers, including the talented Andrea Lucatello, who has given life to iconic pieces with simple, elegant lines and enveloping comfort. The continuous search for innovation and excellence is also reflected in the collaboration with emerging designers, who bring freshness and a modern vision to the Bontempi Letti Design collection.


A story of tradition and innovation in the world of design


The history of Bontempi Letti Design is a fascinating fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of interior design. The company has been able to pass on over time its passion for high-quality craftsmanship and its incessant search for timeless beauty. For generations, the Bontempi family has cultivated an ethical approach to production, focusing on sustainability environmental and responsibility social. This commitment translates into every Bontempi bed, where the beauty of the design combines with the integrity of the design. of materials, creating a relaxing environment that reflects the authentic values of the brand.