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Sovet's creations are characterized by clean lines, compact shapes and high quality materials, which integrate perfectly into both domestic and commercial spaces. The craftsmanship of glass art combines with the most advanced technology to offer unique and innovative products, capable of transforming any environment and making it unique and welcoming.


Sovet products are designed to last over time, thanks to attention to detail and the choice of the best materials. This attention to quality also translates into a commitment to the sustainability of the production process, which favors the use of recyclable materials with low environmental impact.


Thanks to their versatility and ability to adapt to different contexts, Sovet products can be used to create unique and personalized environments, which reflect the personality and style of those who choose them. Combining tradition, design and innovation, Sovet confirms itself as a point of reference in the panorama of contemporary furnishings, capable of creating sophisticated and evocative atmospheres in every space.

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Sovet, born on the brink of the 1980s from the union of six master glassmakers, is not just a brand of design glass furniture. &` an epitome of elegance, a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and an expression of timeless beauty. The company has deep roots in the art of glassmaking, where the skill craftsmanship blends with contemporary vision. Sovet's history is a narrative of passion for glass and dedication to perfection. The founders, with their pioneering commitment, laid the foundations for a company that not only produces furniture, but creates functional works of art for the most demanding spaces. exclusive and refined.


Iconic Designs


Sovet is not only synonymous with furniture, but also with authentic works of art for furnishings. Among its iconic pieces, the Clip collection stands out, which marries the elegance of glass with the comfort of glass. timeless, becoming a style icon in every environment. Each Sovet piece brings with it the legacy of master craftsmen who dedicate their lives to transforming glass into functional works of art. Collaborations with internationally renowned designers have led to the creation of unique pieces, testimony to Sovet's commitment to keeping the art of glass alive in contemporary design.


Craftsmanship and Innovation


Sovet is synonymous with craftsmanship, but also with constant innovation. Each piece is the result of continuous research to find new shapes, new techniques and new ways to enhance the beauty of glass. The fusion between tradition and modernity is evident in every detail, from the craftsmanship to the most advanced production technologies. Each Sovet creation is an ode to timeless beauty and functionality without compromises. The passion for glass, combined with the incessant search for perfection, translates into pieces that not only furnish spaces, but elevate them to new heights of elegance and refinement. With Sovet, your environment becomes a canvas on which to paint your unique style, with strokes of light and transparency that create an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury and refinement.