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The Maxalto brand store, present in the exclusive Ciat Design furniture e-commerce, has its roots in 1975 within the Italian company B&B Italia. Originally founded as a wood craft division, managed by the illustrious Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Maxalto entered a new era in 1995 under the leadership of Antonio Citterio. Today, Maxalto stands out for its vast range of furnishings, offering solutions for the living area, such as tables, coffee tables, armchairs, seats and desks, and for the sleeping area with beds with a refined design.


Maxalto's aesthetics are inspired by the modern French style of the years between the two wars, reinterpreting it in a contemporary key. What characterizes Maxalto is the incessant commitment to the highest quality of materials and extreme attention to detail. Each piece is a work of art that combines intrinsic elegance with practical functionality, thus embodying the concept of contemporary classic Made in Italy.

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History and philosophy


The world of luxury furniture finds its quintessence in the Maxalto brand, an icon of timeless elegance. Founded in 1975, Maxalto has charted an extraordinary path in the interior design panorama, offering a sublime fusion between tradition and innovation. The essence of his style is nourished by a rich heritage Italian craftsmanship, together with a contemporary vision that has redefined living spaces with unparalleled refinement. Driven by a passion for excellence and beauty, Maxalto has become established as an undisputed point of reference for those seeking high quality and uncompromising aesthetics in their home furnishings.


Iconic design


Among its iconic models, the famous Febo sofa stands out, characterized by sinuous and enveloping lines that invite relaxation and supreme comfort. The armchair is a tribute to the master of modern architecture, whose name is legendary throughout the world, it is a tribute to his genius; and to the timeless vision of him. In addition to Febo, Maxalto boasts a vast range of distinctive pieces, such as the Pathos table, which embodies the perfect union between form and function, and the Alcor table, which combines grace and solidity. in perfect balance. Every creation brings with it the essence of Italian design, weaving together fine materials and unparalleled craftsmanship to give life to functional works of art destined to leave an indelible mark on living spaces.


Collaborations and innovation


The history of Maxalto is was punctuated by illustrious collaborations with some of the most great designers of our time. Legendary names such as Antonio Citterio and Alberto Meda have contributed to shaping the identity of of the brand, infusing each piece with a unique aesthetic and functionality unparalleled. Through constant research into innovative materials and cutting-edge ergonomic solutions, Maxalto continues to amaze and inspire, always remaining one step ahead in the world of luxury furniture. With a distinctive imprint that mixes tradition and modernity, the brand offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking the pinnacle of comfort and style in their home environment. Whether it is furnishing a private residence or a prestigious commercial space, Maxalto represents the epitome of accessible luxury, where every detail is considered. curated with unparalleled craftsmanship.