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Flexteam, a leading Italian company in the production of fabric sofas, armchairs and beds, offers an idea of tailor-made comfort which translates into customizable furnishing solutions with a contemporary design.

The low and wide seats of the Flexteam sofas are an invitation to absolute relaxation, while their modularity allows you to create infinite configurations to adapt to any space and style requirement. Whether you prefer an island or a peninsula, Flexteam allows you to furnish your living room with style and personality.

Flexteam beds are also designed for maximum comfort, with a wide range of models available in both single and double versions. You can choose between different types of headboards and mattresses to create the perfect bed, customizing it with the fabrics that best suit your taste. Flexteam: furnish your home with style and comfort, choosing the quality of Made in Italy.

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The history of Flexteam


Flexteam, an iconic brand in the world of interior design, has roots that lie in the fertile soil of creativity Italian. Founded in the heart of the 20th century, Flexteam's history is a fusion of craftsmanship and progressive vision. For decades, this brand has shaped living spaces with a unique combination of timeless elegance and functionality. innovative. In its origins, Flexteam was born as an experimental laboratory, where artisans and designers came together to create extraordinary pieces. Over the years, Flexteam has continued to evolve, always maintaining its commitment to excellence and originality. The Ciat Design catalog is a showcase that celebrates Flexteam's best creations, inviting design lovers to explore a world of style without borders.


The DNA of Flexteam


This what distinguishes Flexteam is its ability to combine form and function in a single harmonious expression. Each piece is the result of an incessant search for innovation and beauty. Iconic models such as the "Ralph" sofa and the "Ray" bed are emblems of this distinctive approach. Flexteam's aesthetics are characterized by clean and sinuous lines, which embrace the space with refined elegance. But the beauty of a Flexteam piece is not limited to its shape: the craftsmanship and choice of fine materials also guarantee timeless durability. Collaborations with internationally renowned designers have further enriched Flexteam's creative heritage, bringing new visions and perspectives to the brand.


Expression of personal style with Flexteam


When you choose Flexteam, you make a style statement that goes beyond ephemeral trends. Each piece is designed to integrate harmoniously into domestic environments, transforming spaces into refuges of refined elegance. Whether it is furnishings for the living room, the sleeping area or the study, Flexteam offers tailor-made solutions for every need. Its collection of beds, sofas, furniture and furnishing accessories is an invitation to explore your creativity and to create environments that fully reflect the personality of the individual. and the lifestyle of those who live there. With Flexteam, interior design becomes an art, a way of expressing one's individuality. through the surrounding space. Discover the best of Flexteam design in the Ciat Design catalog and transform your home into a living work of art.