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The clean and minimalist lines of Ethnicraft furniture allow them to easily adapt to any type of furniture, from the most classic to the most contemporary style. The solid wood used in the creation of the furniture gives them an aura of warmth and authenticity, making domestic spaces welcoming and familiar.


Ethnicraft furniture is made with great attention to detail and the quality of the materials, thus guaranteeing maximum durability over time. Thanks to their versatility and their ability to integrate perfectly into different contexts, Ethnicraft furnishings are chosen by many interior designers and appreciated by customers attentive to design and sustainability.


In conclusion, Ethnicraft furnishings represent a perfect combination of contemporary design, high quality materials and environmental sustainability, thus offering an ideal option for anyone who wishes to furnish their home with style and personality.

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Foundation and Identity


Founded in Antwerp over 25 years ago by two visionaries, Benoit Loos and Philippe Delaisse, Ethnicraft is much more of a simple designer furniture brand: it is a statement of style and subtlety. Since those early days, our identity has been is emerged clearly, like a sharp ray of light through a window.


Ethnicraft can be considered a beacon in the world of interior design, recognized for the inimitable fusion of pure forms, authentic materials and attention for functionality. Today, the brand continues to strengthen its identity, refining its aesthetic taste and expanding the range of products to satisfy the desires and needs of a sophisticated clientele attentive to materials and the suggestions they convey.


Harmonious and minimal style for a welcoming home


Focusing on quality of materials and the harmonious fusion of form and function, each Ethnicraft piece is imbued with an elegance that arises from a simplicity never banal and rich in content. From the clean lines of the solid wood tables to the sinuous curves of the chairs, each item is a statement of class and refinement.


At the center of the brand's philosophy is the idea that your home should be a mirror of your personality; and your values. Here's why every piece that is created is not just a piece of furniture, but a story to tell. From iconic models such as the Bok table by Alain Van Havre to the modular seats designed by Jacques Deneef, each creation is ; fruit of collaborations with the most brilliant design talents. Our partners, such as Carlo Massoud and Dawn Sweitzer, bring a fresh perspective to our work, further enriching our repertoire of distinctive designs.


The home: the starting point for sustainability


Your home should be a sanctuary of style and comfort, a place where every detail speaks to your individuality. and impeccable taste. By choosing Ethnicraft design furnishings, you will be able to invest not only in furniture and accessories, but in experiences to live in your everyday life. Each piece is It has been created with care and attention to detail to ensure it integrates seamlessly into your living space, elevating it to new heights of elegance.


Whether you are looking for a coffee table to complete your living room or a sideboard to add a touch of refinement to your dining room, you will find what ; what you are looking for to enrich your spaces and make them even more welcoming. By choosing Ethnicraft, in fact, the house is transformed into your personal habitat in the name of sustainability.