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Founded in 1967 by Antonio Tacchini, Tacchini quickly gained a prominent place in the furniture industry, thanks to its ability to tell unique stories through each object. The brand stands out for its continuous production of furniture that shines with beauty, quality and style, embodying the excellence of Italian design. Thanks to the variety of proposals ranging from great classics to new arrivals and successful products, the company's catalog offers a vast range of pieces including sofas, armchairs, poufs, chairs and modular systems.

Among the brand's iconic products, you can appreciate the sinuous shapes of the Julep sofa and the retro 1950s style of the Roma sofa, which embody the essence of refined and classy design.

To those who observe carefully, Tacchini reveals the methods and techniques of processing first choice materials such as fabrics, leather, wood, marble, stone and metals, thus confirming his commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to his constant pursuit of excellence and his passion for design, Tacchini confirms himself as a point of reference in the luxury furniture panorama.

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The timeless charm of Tacchini


Tacchini is synonymous with timeless elegance in the world of furniture. Founded in the heart of Italian design, this brand embodies the very essence of discreet luxury and refinement. His story is a journey through the golden years of modernism, a perfect fusion between artisan tradition and innovation. Each Tacchini piece tells a story of class and distinction, offering a timeless aesthetic that is perfectly suited to the most modern environments. exclusive and sophisticated.


Iconic models and prestigious collaborations


Among its iconic models, the "Moon" sofa designed by Gianfranco Frattini stands out, an icon of style and comfort that has conquered the world of interior design since its launch. But the legacy by Tacchini is not limited only to this masterpiece. Collaborations with internationally renowned designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Tobia Scarpa and PearsonLloyd have given life to unique collections, where creativity blends harmoniously with Italian craftsmanship. Each piece, from armchairs to outdoor furniture, brings with it the distinctive DNA of the brand, characterized by clean lines, fine materials and meticulous attention to detail.


The Italian artisan tradition at the service of contemporary design


Tacchini is much more of a simple furniture brand: it is a life experience. Each creation, made with Italian craftsmanship, reflects a philosophy that goes beyond the mere concept of design. &` an invitation to experience the space with elegance and style, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of class and timeless comfort. The high quality materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques give Tacchini products exceptional durability, making them investments worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. With Tacchini, furniture becomes an expression of taste and personality, a declaration of love for beauty that is perpetuated over time.