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Penta's concept of refinement


Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance? Welcome to the kingdom of Penta, where every creation is an ode to beauty and functionality. Founded on an intrinsic essence of class and innovation, the Penta brand embodies the very essence of contemporary design. Each piece, meticulously designed and crafted, brings with it an aura of sophistication and distinctive style. In the vast Ciat Design catalog you will find an exclusive selection of Penta's best creations, which will guide you through a one-of-a-kind sensorial journey. From the aerial suspension of its iconic lamps to the artisanal perfection of its furnishing accessories, Penta stands out for its ability to to transform the living space into a living work of art.


The legacy of design by Penta


Founded in the heart of the Italian design district, Penta has deep roots in the country's artisan tradition. Since its inception, the brand has become distinguished for its ability to collaborate with the most renowned designers and architects on the international scene. Illustrious names such as Carlo Colombo, Umberto Asnago and Nicola Gallizia have contributed to shaping Penta's distinctive aesthetics, carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation. Each piece is born from the harmonious fusion of fine materials and avant-garde design, testifying to a constant commitment to innovation and originality. From the clean lines of its chairs to the intricate details of its lamps, every element of Penta's portfolio is conceived to inspire and fascinate, leaving an indelible mark on the international design scene.


Penta's philosophy: between form and function


For Penta, design goes beyond aesthetic appearance; is a synergistic fusion between form and function. Every creation is It was conceived to harmoniously adapt to the contemporary lifestyle, offering an impeccable balance between aesthetics and practicality. Table lamps, such as the famous Glo and the elegant Mami, illuminate rooms with an aura of magic, transforming the space into a refuge of comfort and serenity. The tables and chairs, such as the Zheta and Baguette models, embody Italian artisan perfection, combining sinuous shapes and fine materials in timeless harmony. Each piece, with its simple but eloquent presence, tells a story of style and sophistication, bringing with it the legacy of a brand that has redefined the canons of contemporary design. With Penta, every detail is curated with the utmost precision, offering an unparalleled experience for lovers of luxury and high-level design.