Minotti Italia

The Minottiitalia company came to life in 1961 in the center of Brianza. A company with an artisan tradition, it was able to arouse different emotions right from the start, adapting to the various periods in the history of furniture and design.  Thanks to its constant participation in the furniture fair since its foundation, Minottiitalia finds its dimension, first in Italy and then globally, transforming itself from an artisan company to an industrial and contract reality, without ever neglecting innovation and design, which they are the pillars and strengths for which it is recognized throughout the world today.


The distribution network, made up of showrooms and representatives, ensures the presence of Minottiitalia on an international scale. An even more rooted reality thanks to the collaboration with world-famous designers. Minottiitalia takes care of its production carefully, in all its phases. Each process takes place within its laboratories with the help of qualified personnel, thus guaranteeing constant control of all production phases and maintaining the high quality standards required by the market.

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The history of Minotti Italia


Minotti Italia embodies timeless elegance and innovation in the world of interior design. Founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti, the company has deep roots in the Italian artisan tradition. Over the years, it has been able to evolve, transforming itself into a global icon of contemporary luxury. The passion for design and commitment to excellence are reflected in every piece produced, transforming spaces into refined and welcoming scenarios. The Ciat Design catalog offers a wide selection of the best creations by Minotti Italia, inviting you to explore a world of class and refinement.


Excellence in design


Minotti Italia's design stands out for its sophisticated aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece is conceived to express timeless beauty, combining pure shapes with precious materials. Icons of the brand, such as the Freeman sofa, characterized by clean lines and tailored details, embody the balance between comfort and style. Collaborations with renowned designers, such as Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola, have contributed to shaping the identity of the company. distinctive feature of Minotti Italia, bringing avant-garde and innovation to its furnishings. The collection of Calder tables, with sculptural shapes and craftsmanship, represents an ode to timeless beauty, inviting conviviality and sharing in refined and welcoming environments.


The timeless style of Minotti Italia


The Minotti Italia brand evokes an atmosphere of refinement and discreet luxury, creating environments where every detail is designed to arouse emotions. Sophisticated seating systems, such as the Andersen sofa, stand out for their timeless design and enveloping comfort, transforming living spaces into oases of relaxation and elegance. The Aston armchairs, with their slender silhouette and fine leather upholstery, are a tribute to the Italian artisan tradition and the constant search for excellence. Thanks to the partnership with Ciat Design, it is It is possible to immerse yourself in the universe of Minotti Italia and transform every environment into an experience of timeless style and refinement.