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MDF Italia

MDF Italia is a cutting-edge furniture brand that has been revolutionizing the industry since 2013. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and technology, the Milanese company produces indoor and outdoor furniture that boasts a refined, functional design with a powerful emotional impact.

From bestsellers like the Random and Melody bookshelves to the Tense tables and Flow seating collection, MDF Italia offers a range of products that combine style and practicality. Dive into the world of MDF Italia and elevate your living space with their timeless pieces that exude sophistication and charm.

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The distinctive design of MDF Italia


MDF Italia, an icon in the world of contemporary design, embodies timeless elegance and uncompromising innovation. Founded in 1992 by Bruno Fattorini, the company stands out for its constant search for pure shapes and high quality materials. Its brand is synonymous with creativity bold and functional impeccable, creating pieces that integrate harmoniously into any space, be it residential or commercial. Browsing the Ciat Design catalog means immersing yourself in a world of excellence where every detail is cared for with artisanal precision. Among his iconic works, the "Flow" series of chairs by Jean-Marie Massaud and the "Random" bookcase stand out, which embody the philosophy of sophisticated design by MDF Italia.


The history and evolution of MDF Italia


Since its foundation, MDF Italia has made experimentation and innovation its primary mission. Collaborating with some of the most popular designers internationally influential, the company has constantly redefined the boundaries of contemporary Made in Italy design. From its first successes until today, MDF Italia has maintained a pioneering presence in the design panorama. His story is a testament to the commitment to excellence, with each piece telling a story of creativity timeless and quality without compromises. Through the pages of the Ciat Design catalogue, it is It is possible to explore the path of growth and innovation of MDF Italia, discovering the roots behind each iconic piece and the inspiration that guided them.


A future of visionary design with MDF Italia


Looking ahead, MDF Italia continues to take on new challenges and explore new frontiers in the world of design. With an ongoing dedication to innovation and excellent craftsmanship, the company is committed to creating pieces that meet the needs and desires of a sophisticated clientele. From tables to seats, from storage systems to accessories, every element of its catalog reflects the commitment to creating extraordinary life experiences. With its gaze always turned to the future, MDF Italia continues to inspire and shape the world of contemporary design, offering solutions that combine form and function in an exemplary way. Through the Ciat Design catalogue, it is It is possible to immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of MDF Italia and discover the creations that will define the future of design.