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Fritz Hansen

The Fritz Hansen brand embodies the elegance and sophistication of Scandinavian design, offering a wide range of furniture, lamps and accessories made with fine materials and expertly crafted. The brand's iconic creations, such as the Egg Chair and Swan armchairs, the Series 7 series and the Grand Prix chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, embody excellent craftsmanship and timeless taste. Simple, sculptural and timeless, Fritz Hansen's creations are true works of art that will enrich any environment with style and class. With new and exclusive innovations alongside the brand's iconic pieces, Fritz Hansen continues to amaze and inspire with its impeccable and innovative design.

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The unparalleled elegance of Fritz Hansen


Fritz Hansen, a name that evokes an era of timeless sophistication in the world of interior design. Its history has its roots in the heart of Denmark way back in 1872, when it was born as a furniture company with a bold and enterprising vision. Since then, it has continued to define the standards of prestige design, becoming an essential point of reference for lovers of refined aesthetics and functionality. impeccable. The essence of the brand is reflected in each piece, from conception to creation, passing on an aura of prestige that manifests itself in every detail of its creations.


The union between tradition and innovation


The story of Fritz Hansen is interwoven with extraordinary collaborations and meetings destined to shape the future of design. It is impossible not to mention the creative genius of Arne Jacobsen, whose name is inextricably linked to Fritz Hansen. It is It was with him that the brand reached the heights of exceptionality, giving life to timeless design icons such as 'Ant', 'Egg', and 'Swan'. These seats, born from the brilliant mind of Jacobsen in the 1950s, continue to embody timeless elegance, perfectly integrated into modern spaces as well as classic environments. The Ciat Design catalog is a treasure of inspiration for lovers of excellent design, offering an accurate display of the best Fritz Hansen creations, witnesses of the perfect synergy between artisan tradition and technological innovation.


The legacy of a design icon


Today, Fritz Hansen's name is synonymous with status and refinement in the field of luxury interior furnishings. Beyond its glorious history, the brand continues to amaze the world with new collaborations and creations that challenge the limits of aesthetics and functionality. The legacy by Fritz Hansen is not only the reflection of an illustrious past, but also the promise of an even more future extraordinary. Every piece of his repertoire is a work of art, an investment in good taste and elegance that lasts through generations. Thanks to the Ciat Design catalogue, it is It is possible to immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Fritz Hansen creations, discovering iconic models that have made the history of design, guided by the signatures of some of the most great masters of this field.