Those looking for an aesthetic that celebrates creative audacity and the most refined elegance are welcome in the universe of Driade, an Italian brand that embodies the soul of the art of living through a fusion of surprising shapes, materials innovative and a unique approach to design.

For more than fifty years, Driade has conquered the world of design with its extraordinary collection of furniture, lighting and accessories that transform spaces into scenarios of pure poetry and beauty.

Among Driade's iconic masterpieces we will mention the "Nemo" seat by Fabio Novembre, a work of art that challenges conventions with its sinuous and enveloping shape, inviting a unique experience of comfort and style.

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The story of Driade


In the vast panorama of interior design, few names shine with the same brightness as of Driade. Founded in 1968 in Fossadello di Caorso, in the heart of the Emilian countryside, Driade has always embodied timeless elegance and bold innovation. For over half a century, this Italian design house has charted a unique path in the world of furniture, combining classic forms and futuristic experiments with unparalleled aesthetics. Guided by the creative ardor of Enrico Astori, Antonia Astori, and Adelaide Acerbi, Driade has been able to create an indissoluble bond between tradition and avant-garde, becoming a global icon in the design panorama.


Driade's philosophy


For Driade, design is not just a question of shapes and materials, but a continuous narrative of human elegance and timeless beauty. Each piece, whether it is an iconic Anapo armchair by Gordon Guillaumier or a suggestive Lord Yi table by Linde Burkhardt, tells a story of passion, creativity and and search for harmony. With an eye always turned to the future, Driade constantly challenges the boundaries of imagination, collaborating with the most innovative designers. innovative on the global scene. Names like Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, and Patricia Urquiola have all contributed to shaping Driade's distinctive aesthetic, enriching it with new perspectives and bold visions.


Sensory experience with Driade


You enter a world of timeless elegance, of shapes that dance between the classic and the contemporary. Your home becomes a blank canvas, ready to be painted with Driade's unmistakable style. The fluid lines and expertly designed color combinations transform the spaces into oases of comfort and refinement. &` the sensorial experience of Driade, where every detail is cared for with love and dedication to bring beauty into everyday life. With Driade, you are not just buying furniture, you are investing in a life experience, in an ode to art and design that will last. for generations.