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Desalto is a brand that has deep roots in the tradition of metalworking, but at the same time looks to the future with dynamism and creativity. Thanks to its design culture, production flexibility and Made in Italy, Desalto positions itself as a point of reference in the world of design, offering designers a space to experiment with their innovative ideas.

The company stands out for its ability to create sculptural and functional furnishings, the result of careful technological research and in-depth investigations into the limits of materials. The bold use of materials, their original combinations and the transversality of the designs give Desalto products a unique emotionality, capable of arousing great suggestions.

Metal is the common thread that links all the brand's creations, worked with skill and passion to give life to products of extreme purity and resolved complexity. Desalto stands out for the production of architectural furnishings of great expressive power, which interpret a cultured and creative vision, supported by important know-how in the world of metals and galvanic treatments.

In summary, Desalto is a brand that combines tradition and innovation, technique and creativity, to offer the world of design unique, distinct products with great aesthetic and experiential impact.

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The history of Desalto


Desalto is a brand that brings with it a story of passion, innovation and dedication. Founded in 1990 by the four Orsenigo brothers, Desalto has deep roots in the world of Italian craftsmanship. Initially coming from a family business specialized in metalworking, the Orsenigo brothers were able to transform this tradition into a reality. modern and cutting-edge in the design and furnishing sector. The founders' vision was based on the idea that artisan excellence should meet creativity of the best designers, thus creating unique and iconic pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious way.


Desalto's philosophy


Desalto firmly believes that true luxury lies in the balance between form and function. His philosophy is imbued with concepts such as harmony, expressive refinement, formal cleanliness and originality. Every piece created by Desalto is the result of constant technical and technological research, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality and functionality. The company is committed to creating products that not only satisfy the practical needs of users, but that also convey an emotion, that tell a story. This distinctive approach is reflected in every element of their portfolio, which ranges from seats to tables, from furnishings to accessories.


Iconic models and collaborations


Among the iconic models that contributed to defining the identity of by Desalto, the Softer Than Steel table and the Sand chair stand out, both symbols of elegance and innovation. The Softer Than Steel table, designed by Caronni + Bonanomi, is a perfect example of how Desalto combines the strength of materials with the lightness of shapes, creating a functional work of art. The Sand chair is an elegant reinterpretation of the traditional wooden chair, characterized by clean and minimalist lines. These are just two examples of the numerous collaborations that Desalto has undertaken over the years with internationally renowned designers. From Patricia Urquiola to Piero Lissoni, from Nendo to Tokujin Yoshioka, every creative mind that joins the brand brings with it a new point of view, enriching the panorama of contemporary design.