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Bosa crafts exquisite objects that perfectly blend the elements of water, earth, and fire with the skillful touch of human hands and creative genius.

Through expert gluing and retouching techniques, special processes, and enchanting enamelling, each piece is born into a work of art that captivates the senses.

Explore the magic of Bosa and experience the beauty that these special objects bring into your world.

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The refined design of Bosa


The world of design is enriched with charm and originality thanks to the unmistakable signature of Bosa, a renowned Italian company that operates in the field of artistic and decorative ceramics. Founded in 1976 in Borso del Grappa, Veneto, the company has established as an icon in the world of artistic craftsmanship, producing unique and sophisticated art objects. The heart of the activity of Bosa is the creation of high quality ceramics, made with craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company has distinguished for its ability to collaborate with internationally renowned designers and artists, who bring their creative contribution to the creation of extraordinary pieces.


This design house stands out for its ability to to transform traditional materials into modern works of art. Each piece made by Bosa brings with it a unique story, woven with craftsmanship and contemporary vision. Its products are not simply furnishing objects, but true testimonies of sophisticated aesthetics and timeless innovation.


Iconic models and famous collaborations


Among the iconic models that have left an indelible mark on the international design scene, we include the Sister Louise vase and the famous coral sculptures. Characterized by fluid and bold lines, these pieces represent the excellence of Italian artisan savoir-faire. Bosa's success is was also enriched by collaborations with renowned designers such as Jaime Hayon and Luca Nichetto. Thanks to these synergies, the brand has been able to constantly reinvent itself, anticipating trends and gaining a place of honor in the homes of those seeking exceptionality; and elegance.


A heritage of creativity and innovation


The history of Bosa is a fascinating journey into the world of art and design. Over the years, the company has been able to keep its identity intact distinctive, while embracing innovation and the avant-garde. The Ciat Design catalog hosts a careful selection of the best creations by Bosa, offering design enthusiasts access to a wealth of creativity without equal. Each piece, from sculptures to furnishing objects, brings with it the unmistakable brand of a company that continues to amaze and inspire with its unique and futuristic vision.