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La Falegnami

La Falegnami made a production decision is firmly focused on quality. Often today we speak improperly quality: quality in furniture, in closets, in the beds, without a concrete and perceptible difference in the materials used in the production process, without a documented certification. In the case of products for the bedroom the choice of quality of La Falegnami is to give space to the wood and natural materials that reduce harmful emissions into the environment in which it is just spent the greater part of the time of our lives.

Some products can be purchased for the low price. Others, such as high fashion, for the charm emanating.
There are products that are beautiful, always elegant over time.
The stylistic research of La Falegnami working on exciting and functional products that can last over time, focusing on the choice of wood, fine materials and production processes with low environmental impact.

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History of the La Falegnami brand


La Falegnami is a brand that carries forward an artisan tradition rooted in the heart of Italy, with a history that has its roots in the past but projects itself with enthusiasm towards the future. Founded by expert craftsmen with a passion for wood and impeccable attention to detail, the company began its journey into the world of furniture with the aim of offering quality products, capable of combining beauty, functionality and and sustainability.


A constant focus on quality


Falegnami has made a production choice firmly focused on quality, a word often used improperly in the world of designer furniture. In the case of bedroom products, the choice of quality of Falegnami is reflected in the predilection for wood and natural materials which reduce harmful emissions in the environment in which we spend most of our time. This commitment to quality translates into a careful selection of materials and documented and certified production processes, ensuring that each piece is made with the utmost care and attention.


Stylistic research and innovation


The stylistic research of La Falegnami focuses on the creation of exciting and functional products, capable of withstanding the test of time. Carpenters dedicate time and energy to selecting wood and fine materials, as well as to the adoption of production processes with a low environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability joins the continuous search for innovative solutions, which allow the brand to maintain its position of excellence in the Italian furniture panorama. Each La Falegnami piece is not just a piece of furniture, but a symbol of timeless elegance and attention to quality; which characterizes true Italian craftsmanship. With a range of products that ranges from the most accessible to real works of art, the brand offers a complete and satisfying furnishing experience for anyone looking for beauty, functionality and and sustainability in your home environment.