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Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole originated from the creative minds of Nina Masó, Javier Nieto Santa, and Gabriel Ordeig Cole back in 1985, a period marked by significant changes in Spain following the dictatorship era.

The initial phase, devoted to crafting extraordinary lighting fixtures for distinguished bars in Barcelona, swiftly transitioned to designing bespoke lighting solutions for the residences of loyal customers frequenting those establishments. In an era dominated by the popularity of halogen lamps (notably cool to the touch, emitting a bluish hue), Santa & Cole championed the utilization of organic materials such as wood, cardboard, and decorative ribbons.

Embracing the emergence of LED lighting at the turn of the 21st century, Santa & Cole embarked on a relentless pursuit of illuminative designs that accentuate the aesthetics of objects, shadows, and individuals. Noteworthy examples include the Cirio and Tekiò collections, embodying their unwavering dedication to cultivating atmospheres and emotions, that enrich living spaces both domestic and beyond.

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History and philosophy


Santa & Cole is a small, independent, and global design product editor rooted in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).

Over eighty creators have contributed to a diverse catalog of furniture and lighting products originating from various contexts, designed by well-known designers like Antoni Arola, Miguel Milá, André Ricard, and llmari Tapiovaara. With a sharp focus on quality and detail, Santa & Cole delegates all industrial production to a wide network of suppliers, predominantly in Spain, but also in other countries including Japan, where the Tekiò lamp's washi paper is sourced.