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Opinion Ciatti

Let yourself be fascinated by the distinctive style and refined elegance of Opinion Ciatti, an icon of Made in Italy design born from the visionary ingenuity of Rolando Ciatti in the 1950s. With over 60 years of experience in the sector, the company embodies a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, offering unique and surprising creations that tell stories and excite the most refined environments. The Ciat Design catalog is a showcase of excellence that celebrates the best creations of Opinion Ciatti, the result of profound aesthetic and conceptual research. The brand's iconic models, the result of collaborations with world-famous international designers, represent a perfect combination of Italian artisan tradition and modern design. Luxury and functionality blend harmoniously in each piece, conveying an aura of exclusivity and timeless sophistication. Every detail is taken care of with craftsmanship, guaranteeing impeccable quality which is reflected in the experience of those who own an Opinion Ciatti product. 

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A brand steeped in history and innovation


Opinion Ciatti, founded in the 1950s from the visionary genius of Rolando Ciatti, stands out as an icon in the panorama of Made in Italy design. With over 60 years of experience, the company embodies a unique combination of past and innovation, where functionality it blends with aesthetics in a harmonious balance. Every creation is the result of a deep aesthetic and conceptual research, conceived to tell stories and arouse emotions in the most diverse environments. refined. The Ciat Design catalog offers a showcase of the best creations by Opinion Ciatti, testifying to the constant search for excellence and originality of the brand.


A story of success and prestigious collaborations


The legacy by Opinion Ciatti is enriched by a series of iconic models that have made the history of contemporary design and which combine the Italian artisan tradition with a modern and surprising aesthetic. Furthermore, the brand can boast collaborations with some of the most successful designers internationally renowneds, whose contributions have helped shape the identity of badge of Opinion Ciatti. These partnerships are testimony to the brand's inclusive and innovative approach, which embraces global influences without ever losing sight of its Italian roots.


Expression of luxury and refinement


Opinion Ciatti stands out in the panorama of high school design for its ability to to combine luxury and functionality in every creation. The clean lines and timeless elegance of its furniture and furnishing accessories convey an aura of refinement and exclusivity. Each piece is conceived with artisanal care and attention to detail, guaranteeing quality without compromise which is reflected in the experience of anyone who has the privilege of owning one. Thanks to the original design and quality impeccable, Opinion Ciatti confirms itself as a point of reference for those seeking authentic excellence in the world of luxury furniture.