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Nomon is a Spanish brand that stands out for its philosophy of artisanal production and for its attention to design and technological innovation. Each wall clock made by Nomon is a unique piece, characterized by modern and sophisticated lines, which combine creativity and functionality.

The company is committed to creating watches that are not simple tools for keeping time, but real decorative elements capable of giving personality to the environments in which they are placed. Thanks to the collaboration with the designer Jose María Reina, Nomon has redefined the concept of the wall clock, reinventing its aesthetics through the use of fine materials and avant-garde design.

Nomon clocks are perfect for decorating homes, offices and contract environments, where a touch of elegance and originality is sought. With their imposing dimensions and their unique style, Nomon watches stand as true protagonists of spaces, attracting attention and giving a touch of refinement to any environment.

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The concept of elegance: the Nomon brand


For over two decades, the Nomon brand has been been synonymous with elegance and innovation in the world of indoor clocks. Founded on principles of creativity, design and technology, Nomon has redefined the concept of clock as a decorative element, transforming it from a simple accessory to the undisputed protagonist of any environment. With an established presence in over 60 countries, Nomon stands out for its artisanal production of cutting-edge designer watches, made with innovative techniques and high-quality materials. Each piece in their catalogue, also available on Ciat Design, embodies a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, transforming the walls of homes, offices and public structures into moving works of art.


The story behind the brand


Nomon's story is imbued with a passion for design and dedication to artisan excellence. Founded by a team of visionaries in the heart of Spain, the design house has quickly gained prominence in the industry thanks to its philosophy focused on innovation and attention to detail. Iconic models such as the "Merlin" and the "Punto y Coma" have captured the imagination of designers and interior design enthusiasts from all over the world, becoming symbols of style and refinement. Collaborations with world-famous designers have further enriched the creative DNA of the brand, leading to the creation of unique and timeless collections. The Nomon catalogue, available on Ciat Design, offers a vast selection of iconic and contemporary watches, each with a story to tell and an unparalleled visual impact.


Timeless elegance: the art of Nomon


Nomon's art goes beyond the mere measurement of time: each watch is a work of art designed to arouse emotions and inspire admiration. With unparalleled precision craftsmanship and a constant pursuit of balance between form and function, Nomon stands out as a pioneer in the world of luxury interior design. Their watches, with a slender silhouette and refined aesthetics, are true style declarations, capable of transforming any space into a prestigious environment. Thanks to their international presence and continuous pursuit of excellence, Nomon continues to win the hearts of designers and customers around the world, proving that elegance is truly timeless.