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For over 40 years, Flou has been a leader in rest design, revolutionizing the way we sleep with their innovative and stylish products.

Since the launch of their first modern upholstered bed in 1978, Flou has been dedicated to creating pieces that prioritize well-being, design, and Made in Italy quality.

With a commitment to total living, Flou continues to set the standard for luxurious and comfortable sleeping solutions.

Experience the ultimate in rest and relaxation with Flou.

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The Flou brand: elegance, design and comfort


Flou, synonymous with timeless elegance in the world of interior design, has shaped living spaces with its distinctive style for over fifty years. Founded in the heart of Brianza, a land of artisanal excellence, Flou has been able to expertly combine tradition and innovation, creating a universe of furniture and accessories that contain the essence of contemporary luxury. The Flou beds, true design jewels, are the emblem of this philosophy, combining unparalleled comfort and refined aesthetics. Every detail, taken care of with the utmost artisan precision, reflects the brand's commitment to guaranteeing unprecedented beauty and functionality. impeccable.


The iconic Flou beds: synonymous with comfort and style


Among the most iconic of the brand, the Flou beds stand out, true protagonists of the most elegant bedrooms. exclusive. From the classic minimalist design to the more modern shapes Bold and enveloping, Flou beds adapt to every style and preference, offering an unparalleled sleeping experience. The Nathalie model, with its patented mechanism that allows you to adjust the inclination of the headrest, represents a modern interpretation of elegance, while the Notturno bed, characterized by lines clean and precious materials, it embodies the quintessence of comfort. Internationally renowned designers, including Carlo Colombo and Rodolfo Dordoni, have contributed to shaping the sophisticated aesthetics and technological innovation of Flou beds, confirming the brand's prestige in the panorama of luxury interior design.


The history of Flou: a journey into artisanal excellence


Founded in 1978 by Rosario Messina, Flou immediately cultivated its vocation for high-quality craftsmanship, becoming a point of reference for lovers of sophisticated design. Over the years, the brand has expanded its range of products, embracing the entire sphere of home furnishings with a collection that ranges from beds to armchairs, from tables to accessories. Thanks to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers and the constant search for innovative materials, Flou has been able to evolve without ever losing its identity, consolidating its reputation for excellence in the sector. The Ciat Design catalog offers a privileged showcase in which to discover the best creations by Flou, testifying to the brand's commitment to creating refined and welcoming environments, in which design blends harmoniously with comfort.