Founded in 1946 by Enrico Cappellini in Carugo, in the province of Como, the company initially focused on the production of office furniture, but as early as the 1950s it began working with emerging designers to create innovative, high-quality furniture.

In the '60s he began collaborating with more established designers, leading the brand to become a global point of reference in the sector in the '80s and '90s. The creation of cutting-edge pieces, such as Marc Newson's famous "Embryo Chair" and Jasper Morrison's "Thinking Man's Chair", helped consolidate Cappellini's position in the world of contemporary design.

In 2004, Giulio Cappellini, Enrico's son, took over the creative direction of the company, bringing with him a new energy and innovative vision. Under his leadership, Cappellini continues to collaborate with talented designers and present new "sculptural products" that combine form, function and contemporary aesthetics.

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The history of the Cappellini brand


Cappellini, an excellence in the panorama of contemporary design, brings with it; a story steeped in innovation, creativity and an incessant search for cutting-edge shapes and materials. Founded in the heart of Brianza in 1946 by Enrico Cappellini, the house quickly gained a prominent place in the world of high-end furniture. For over seventy years, Cappellini has embodied Italian elegance through unique and recognizable pieces that blend harmoniously with the most elegant environments. Cappellini's visionary approach has transformed the simple concept of furniture into an emotional experience, where each piece tells a story of creativity and refinement.


Philosophy and identity


Cappellini stands out for its timeless philosophy: embracing eclecticism without losing sight of elegance. Each piece, from the iconic chairs to the sculptural lamps, is a celebration of creativity without borders, where design becomes a universal language that speaks of beauty and functionality. The identity of the brand is reflected in the bold mix of styles, in the experimentation of materials and in the collaborations with world-famous designers. The Ciat Design catalog hosts the best creations by Cappellini, offering design lovers a timeless journey through the most famous works iconic and the latest innovations of the brand.


Iconic designers and historic pieces


Among the ranks of talents who have contributed to shaping the legacy of by Cappellini, illustrious names such as Jasper Morrison, Marcel Wanders and Tom Dixon stand out. Their creations, such as Morrison's "Thinking Man's Chair" or Wanders' "Knotted Chair", have become true icons of contemporary design, transforming domestic spaces into scenarios of pure beauty and expression. Each piece signed by Cappellini is a masterpiece capable of combining art with functionality, elevating every environment to a higher level of refinement and style. Let yourself be inspired by the timeless charm of Cappellini and immerse yourself in a universe of unparalleled design.