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The Bonaldo brand, inserted in the fascinating universe of Ciat Design e-commerce, is the custodian of a philosophy based on three fundamental keywords: design, passion and technique. With an 80-year history, Bonaldo embodies the authentic spirit of Made in Italy. The extensive catalog of furniture, accessories and lighting represents an innovative synergy resulting from collaboration with the most renowned Italian and international designers.


Quality, creativity and innovation are the key elements that characterize every Bonaldo product, resulting in perfect works of art to enrich any environment. The Bonaldo product range includes chairs, mirrors, tables, coffee tables and coat stands, each reflecting the essence of contemporary and refined design.

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The history of Bonaldo


The world of design is often a canvas on which man's dreams are painted, a tangible manifestation of his creativity and vision. In this symphony of shapes and materials, Bonaldo stands out as a harmonious note, a harmony that resonates across the entire spectrum of interior design. Founded in the heart of Northern Italy in 1936, Bonaldo has deep roots in the Italian artisan tradition, but is driven by an incessant search for innovation and modernity. Each piece produced brings with it the legacy of generations of master craftsmen, combined with the freshness and vitality of of contemporaneity. Browsing through the Ciat Design catalog means immersing yourself in a world where aesthetics blends with functionality, and Bonaldo stands as a lighthouse that guides this experience.


The philosophy of design


In the vast panorama of contemporary design, Bonaldo stands out for its intrinsic philosophy, a philosophy that goes beyond mere aesthetics to embrace a more innovative concept. full of beauty and functionality. Every creation brings with it a story, a narrative that speaks of matter and form, of passion and ingenuity. Bonaldo furniture is not simple furnishing objects, but true works of art that enliven spaces with elegance and personality. Collaborations with world-renowned designers such as Karim Rashid and Alain Gilles demonstrate the brand's commitment to keeping the fire of innovation alive. Iconic models such as the Octa sofa and the Joe bed represent milestones in the brand's creative path, embodying the very essence of timeless elegance.


Expression of excellence


Every detail, from the sinuous curves to the clean lines, reflects Bonaldo's commitment to offering only the best to its customers. Precious materials blend with cutting-edge technologies, creating a combination of shapes and functionality which goes beyond the simple concept of furnishing. Versatility of Bonaldo products makes them suitable for any environment, from private residences to the most public spaces. Italian design finds its maximum expression through the creations of this brand, which continues to inspire and surprise with its boldness and originality. Through the Ciat Design catalogue, it is It is possible to access a universe of timeless elegance, where each piece is an ode to beauty and craftsmanship Italian.