2005. The 'long century' is behind us. Begins the new millennium. Its color is light. Its shape, yet to be discovered. They try to invent Matthew and Alexander Bagnai, young artists with the creativity flowing in every fiber. They create new moments, yet unexpressed, along paths that run away from the streets usually beats. Retrieving objects poor and essential that infuse new life and new vigor. They extract the latent force. Let that settle on surfaces invented. Branches become corroded frames, buttons turn into exquisite decor, sheets are recomposed in eccentric vessels. MOMENTS are new light, of life. Simple materials or precious melt and reform in response to objects esclusivi.La Moments evanescence and approximation of the market was to set clear standards for his accomplishments: to offer products of the highest quality, unique and made with great refinement and taste that characterize the product 'MADE IN ITALY'.

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